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I write Christian adventure fiction intended for young adult and adult readers. Whether set in a dystopian future, a fantasy realm, or plain old modern day Earth, readers can expect exciting stories of faith, hope, and a touch of humor.

WoE Is Us

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Your tech can’t save you…

WoE Is Us Book Cover

Lyrian Wallace was only ten years old when the Malevolence struck on October 10, 2056. She thought the next decade had numbed her to the grief, the death, the bots, and the daily struggle for survival. She lost her parents when they became Sleepers, but like everyone else, she had pieced together a new family. She was almost content when the Alliance began taking them…

The world always took things away from her. She could only live for today and never dared to hope for any heaven. But when her circumstances change, she must choose how she might live for both this life and the next.

WoE Is Us is a story of Christian faith set in the aftermath of a global technological disaster. From Christian publisher Ambassador International, WoE Is Us is a Christian adventure fiction novel that will appeal to both Young Adult and Adult readers.

Read more about the book at www.woeisus.com, the website dedicated to all things WoE Is Us!

WoE Is Us is available now!
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