Engenic Robotics Laboratories

Engenic Robotics Laboratories – The Chinese global tech giant whose divisions were responsible for manufacturing the most popular series of bots, Ichor, and cognitive implants.

Lone Star Alliance

Lone Star Alliance – a collection of colonies surrounding the Austin Colony in what was Texas prior to M-Day. The Lone Star Alliance (LSA) is led by a Chancellor that’s appointed by a Council of elected officials representing the alliance’s member colonies.

Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity – a group of anti-technology radicals pledged with finding and destroying any technology that infects human civilization

D8alus Hack Shop

D8alus Hack Shop – A Hack Shop operating in the central Texas region. The name is inspired by the character Daedalus from Greek mythology. The Hack Shop’s symbol is the “Winged 8,” which also evokes imagery from the Greek myth.