Bot – any of a variety of robots, ranging from human-like personal home assistants to hulking models used in factories


Ichor – an injected nanotechnology that provided health-related benefits. Many governments began mandating injections for families on welfare due to decreased health care costs. On M-Day, persons with Ichor died almost instantly when the nanobots became infected with Malevolence.


Betweenlands – the sparsely populated open lands between human settlements after M-Day.


Sleeper – a person permanently trapped in a comatose state because his/her cognitive implant became infected with the Malevolence

Web of Everything

Web of Everything (WE) – The successor to the Internet. The WE connected not only computers and devices, but it also connected people through the use of cognitive implants.

Path Walker

Path Walker – Computer programmers that specialized with developing code to navigate and manipulate The Path were dubbed “Path Walkers.”

The Path

The Path – the term for the communication channel developed between humans (via cognitive implants) and bots. The Path allowed for humans to mentally communicate with bots. The name was derived from the term “telepathy” because of the ability for people to communicate with their minds.

The Path was a part of the Web of Everything (WE).

Hack Shop

Hack Shop – A collection of people, often comprised primarily of Path Walkers and former soldiers, brought together in the aftermath of M-Day for the purpose of survival through the hijacking and destruction of bots.

Mallory AI

Mallory AI – an advanced artificial intelligence system developed by the United States government under the direction of Dr. Mallory Mason. The Mallory AI was designed to infiltrate and “learn” from every digital device on the planet. The system malfunctioned on M-Day, which resulted in a global catastrophe. Afterward, the Mallory AI became known derisively as the Malevolence.


Malevolence – a mysterious computer virus stemming from the “Mallory” artificial intelligence. The Malevolence infected the Mallory AI on M-Day, causing a global technological apocalypse.