Engenic Robotics Laboratories

Engenic Robotics Laboratories – The Chinese global tech giant whose divisions were responsible for manufacturing the most popular series of bots, Ichor, and cognitive implants.

Jacob Shepherd

Jacob Shepherd – (b. August 3, 2018) Owner of a salvage shop in the Bastrop Colony. He leads a team that recycles bot parts into generators and other useful machinery. As a young man, he served in the military as a member of the U.S. Army Rangers. Husband of Telise Shepherd. Father of Annie Shepherd (deceased).



Bot – any of a variety of robots, ranging from human-like personal home assistants to hulking models used in factories


Ichor – an injected nanotechnology that provided health-related benefits. Many governments began mandating injections for families on welfare due to decreased health care costs. On M-Day, persons with Ichor died almost instantly when the nanobots became infected with Malevolence.


Betweenlands – the sparsely populated open lands between human settlements after M-Day.

Lone Star Alliance

Lone Star Alliance – a collection of colonies surrounding the Austin Colony in what was Texas prior to M-Day. The Lone Star Alliance (LSA) is led by a Chancellor that’s appointed by a Council of elected officials representing the alliance’s member colonies.

Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity – a group of anti-technology radicals pledged with finding and destroying any technology that infects human civilization